Pickleball is a paddle sport, similar to doubles tennis.  It’s played on a smaller court, 44 by 20 feet. Players hit a perforated plastic ball over a three-foot high net.  It's easy for beginners to get started and have fun right away.  Experienced players enjoy a fast-paced, competitive game.  

USAPA.org - the national organization for pickleball

Lakewood Ranch Pickleball - community in Florida

Aiken Pickleball - organizes play at H. Odell Weeks Recreation Center

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Pickleball News - a newsletter and podcast by Chris Allen

Pickleball Kitchen - a web site and podcast by Barrett Kincheloe

Third Shot Sports - by Mark Rennesson, pickleball coach with tips, videos and podcasts

Sarah Ansboury - pickleball coach and top-rated player

Engage Pickleball - paddles and training

Pickleball Central - online store for pickleball gear

Pickleball Rocks - lots of pickleball stuff

Pickleball Magazine - the official magazine of the USAPA

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